Saturday, March 17, 2012

Home Manager, not Maid

*snort* the Lady is suggesting i be a little more...forceful on the 'help' issue with my family.  I love that now that i recognize Her, and hear Her whispers, she is really wanting me to take care of ME too, and cleaning up after everyone is not allowing me to have much focus on my own interests.  She is gently reminding me i am the Home Manager, not the maid or a servant at their beck and call and i need to be more vocal about my role.

The cooking and basic cleaning/wiping down isn't the issue.  Its the physical labor of raking the livingroom a couple times a day to even be in a place where i CAN sweep/vaccum/dust the livingroom.  Its the loading/unloading of the dishwasher in the kitchen...the kids are perfectly capable, and of course the putting away of their own laundry.  She wants me freed up so i can do MY job of basic sanitation, budgeting, and Devotion.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

She Picked ME!

Little things have been going on since i have reconnected with the Pagan path.  I connected that i am a Cottage Witch, i got a tattoo to represent the new direction in my life, i put up a small shrine with items that represent me.  It was whispered that i should cover my head and hair to show my status as a wife.  Then things began to really connect as i realized many of the elements on my shrine represent Frigga, the norse "Mother and Housewife" goddess.  Salt (earth is her element), a key (home),  a small piggy bank (prosperity) my daughter painted for me...a miniature besom (hearth), a hunk of amythest (wisdom).    Amethyst isn't specifically one of Her stones, actually she prefers the Emerald.  Amethyst, it seems is my true birthstone since i was born smack in the middle of the Aquarian month and seems to represent 'self'. This is really a big thing since I indeed am my Husband's other half as well as his equal and manager of OUR home.

Its always little things like wildflowers along the path that catch my attention.