Thursday, March 15, 2012

She Picked ME!

Little things have been going on since i have reconnected with the Pagan path.  I connected that i am a Cottage Witch, i got a tattoo to represent the new direction in my life, i put up a small shrine with items that represent me.  It was whispered that i should cover my head and hair to show my status as a wife.  Then things began to really connect as i realized many of the elements on my shrine represent Frigga, the norse "Mother and Housewife" goddess.  Salt (earth is her element), a key (home),  a small piggy bank (prosperity) my daughter painted for me...a miniature besom (hearth), a hunk of amythest (wisdom).    Amethyst isn't specifically one of Her stones, actually she prefers the Emerald.  Amethyst, it seems is my true birthstone since i was born smack in the middle of the Aquarian month and seems to represent 'self'. This is really a big thing since I indeed am my Husband's other half as well as his equal and manager of OUR home.

Its always little things like wildflowers along the path that catch my attention.